Molly Andrews

Molly Andrews

Training and Capacity Building

Professor Molly Andrews has a particular contribution in the area of gathering and analysing narrative research, and Training and Capacity Building. She is Professor of Political Psychology and Co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research.

Molly is interested in the intersection of individual biography and society. For the past twenty years, she has been listening to, and writing about, the stories which people tell about their lives, specifically focussing on their perception of the political world and their role within it. Her research explores the implicit political worldviews which individuals impart through the stories they tell about their lives, as well the wider social and political context which makes some stories more 'tell-able' than others.

Molly has conducted research projects in Britain (life histories with lifetime socialists), the United States (analysing anti-war activism as an expression of patriotism), East Germany (accounting for national identity in the context of the demise of one's country) and South Africa (examining testimonies before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission).

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