Claire Cameron

Claire Cameron

Collaborative Partner of Family Lives and the Environment

Professor Claire Cameron is a consultant on the Family Lives and Environment project, focusing on design and dissemination.

Claire Cameron is Professor of Social Pedagogy at Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education. At TCRU Claire Cameron completed a PhD examining the interface of child protection and day care services, and worked on a range of projects about early childhood care and education including Entry, Retention and Loss, Men in the Nursery and the International Evidence in Early Years Project. European research became a major focus of work with Care Work in Europe, Working with Children in Care, European Models of Fostering and Working Together in Extended Schools and Children's Centres in England and Sweden. Complementing these workforce oriented studies, Claire has also carried out a number of studies focusing on the experience of young people in and from a public care background, such as Access to Services Among Young People in Care and Not in Care, and in the Young people from a public care background: pathways to further and higher education (YiPPEE). Claire is one of the UK's leading experts in the continental European approach of social pedagogy.

Always primarily a qualitative researcher, Claire became interested in the potential for visual and participatory methods to augment traditional data collection methods. Two examples are the Sophos method, based on stakeholders' responses to visual data, such as a video of practice, and the potential for adapting the Mosaic approach for use in residential care. Current work includes a study of understandings of the professional-child relationship when children are in public care in three European countries and its potential relevance to child welfare practice England, and a study of young people's use and perception of their environment when living in residential care.

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